journeying on, once more.


Thanks for joining me!

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Quote-wise, it seemed to suggest a generic, inherent preference for short journey over a long one? Because i tend to take the long way than the short, thus i may be more comfortable in the latter camp. A matter of interpretation though, as good company sure makes a difference to any journey.  Good can be subjective, but up to the journeyer!

* alright, i replaced the cookie-cutter post title & image after all so that you see what you see now. Taken some time ago, at my mom’s hometown. Such wire poles are a rarity in Singapore these days… birds are still around though, thankfully.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


第六堂 : 冉冉

  • rǎn rǎn
  • 一貫為修飾作用的副詞:帶漸漸、緩緩的意思

原以為莫文蔚在 2018年 1月發行的 ⌈如初之光⌋ 是單曲。看了隨官方視頻的資訊後才了解這首歌只屬新專輯的“上半場”之一。這首歌由李偲菘作曲,姚謙作詞。



讓自己擁抱著自己  冉冉發亮

楊丞琳在2016年9月推出的首播主打與專輯同名的 ⌈年輪說⌋ 也提到“冉冉”。由吳青峰作詞,鄭宇界作曲。

聽  遠方的信號

痛過的美麗  仍將冉冉升起

想起的我  想起了你  難跨過的難過






追回第五週 : 具象

  • jù xiàng
  • 可以是名詞:指具體的形象
  • 或是形容詞:抽象的反義詞

名詞:五月天 2016年 7月發行專輯《 自傳 》裡最後一首歌曲 ⌈轉眼⌋ 。由石頭作曲,阿信作詞。

以為的日常  原來是無常
生命的具象  原來只是幻象

形容詞:薛之謙 2017年 11月發行專輯《 渡 》裡的 ⌈像風一樣⌋。由薛之謙作曲作詞。




C for C-18, and Coco.

C-18 wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe for once, C beats A which is the neck-breaking front row, by being a preferred 2 rows behind. Before the real show came on, it was a rather bright seat – one that’s right at the right-most side when I face the screen, and right under a spotlight. One of those few spotlights at the sides of the dark room to guide you to your designated seats. Doesn’t matter if the screen is slightly slanted from this angle, from this perspective. The full screen is still in clear view, isn’t it?


I imagined a theatre full of children. Instinctively, it is a show for them, of them. At least the genre is. Which still is my favourite genre of movies, for a kid who refuses to grow up. It is a genre where anything and everything is possible, where special effects are not the gimmicky props blended into reality to achieve the supposedly realistic effects. All of us were kids once, and still have a choice to remain so in certain aspects. It was full house, with the majority being adults, though I couldn’t see them all clearly in the dark room, but it didn’t felt like a theatre overwhelmed by parents, not at all.

As usual, I refrained from browsing reviews, or the plot, or any detailed background before the show. Perhaps a short unintended trailer here, a quick intro read there. Rather enjoy it through a fresh, unbiased perspective, and catch the surprises along the way as there are bound to be. Of course, there has to be a compelling reason that pulled me into the dark room in the first place. This time, it was music. True enough, the plan worked, and I was not disappointed the least bit.

It was more than music. More of the before and after of the role of music to one huge extended family spanning the living and the dead. Of memories re-defined, or rather, framed in age-old Mexican culture now brought to light with wider exposure. Of skeletons that were the least gothic, that wouldn’t scare the wits out of their little audiences, let alone the older ones. Of family, what binds and what tears them apart, which ironically could be the very same thing. Of persistence. Of remembrance. Of memories. Of death.

It led me to wonder, if death is a topic too sombre to bridge to the little bubbly ones in the family, then this movie serves a higher purpose in introducing them to this natural course of (the end of) life. It takes the adult to appreciate the true meanings and understand the continuous plot twists. It is so tempting, to jump to our own conclusions when the facts seemed to fall into place so logically, so nicely, though only at face value. We like stories so much that narrative bias is not easy to fight against. The truth hits hard, but it is also where the ultimate beauty lies.

The show was named after its character Coco. She is a binding character of unspoken charm, though not one with the most lines nor frame shots. The story was weaved all around her. On the sideline, I was surprised that one of the leads in the show, the main lead’s dog actually, was named Dante, who may have been Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet of the Early Renaissance. It should not be surprising, since the show talks about life and death, even life after death, which bears an inkling of association to The Divine Comedy written by Dante on afterlife.

This seemed to also bear connection with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), which happened to be on my mind of late. Not that I was reminiscing cartoons of my childhood days, but more of that I finally learnt the full names of those 4 leading turtles. I vaguely knew the turtles since young, but do not consciously remember their names by heart. Possibly because: 1. I wasn’t such a big fan of theirs, and 2. their names were pretty long and hard to pronounce (which was another surprise as I thought I have a weird tendency to prefer things that are technically tougher… perhaps this syndrome only kicked in beyond the actual childhood period).

As a recap, the 4 TMNT were named after Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael, four renowned Italian Artists of the Renaissance period. Artist is an understatement, as some wore many accomplished hats more than that, especially Leonardo da Vinci. It was said that the namings were the result of the turtles’ creators being big fans of art history. Perhaps it was also an unintended way to introduce the artists to the world, as not everyone of every generation is well-acquainted with the arts scene, let alone arts history. Beginning with children is not bad a way, but in my case, it might have taken way too longer for the “facts” to sink in..

I can’t help but wonder, if Dante / Leonardo / Donatello / Michelangelo / Raphael would actually rise from their graves, wherever they are, if they knew that they were being named after a dog and turtles that made it to the big screens all over the world, centuries after they passed on.

After all, memories can take countless forms to live on.

Most important of all, memories live on.


第四週 · 走單字路線  →  

  • tuān
  • 形容流很急的水
  • 常用詞:湍急、湍流

湍急:楊丞琳 2017年 9月所發行的單曲  ⌈青春住了誰⌋ 。


像是一條河川  轉過幾個彎
也有好幾段  特別湍急困難

湍流:孫燕姿 2017年 11月所發行專輯《 No. 13 作品 :跳舞的梵谷 》裡的 ⌈充氧期⌋。


我要感受  忍受  愛情也有湍流





回補第三週主角 ~ 稱頭

  • chèng tóu
  • 形容得體、相稱的裝扮、舉動

出現在張惠妹的新專輯《 偷故事的人 》裡的歌曲:⌈連名帶姓⌋。由周杰倫作曲,葛大為作詞。

零七年  那一首定情曲的前奏
要是依然念念不忘  太不稱頭
早放生彼此  好好過  都多久

還有 ⌈淺規則⌋,由徐佳瑩作曲作詞。

濕紙巾  擰乾了  淚擦乾再流不過就是物理變化
你說過  要稱頭  在感情裡捨不得  是種壞習慣